Monday, July 1, 2013

Advocare Day 1!

Today's gonna be rough.

After a week-long vacation and eating frenzy, I am starting the Advocare 24-Day Challenge today.  It's a 24-day challenge (duh) where you eat "clean" and take the Advocare provided supplements and things.  The whole package arrived a week before I went on vacation and it's just been sitting in my dining room waiting for me.  There's quite a few items in the box and there's a handy little schedule that outlines exactly when to take what.

The first 10 days is the cleanse phase and in addiction to eating clean, I will be taking the Advocare fiber drink (which I hear is quite nasty....I'm about to have my first one after I write this post, so I'll give you my opinion of this drink shortly), the ever-so-popular Spark energy drink that all the cool kids are drinking these days.  And I have been using this product for the past week or so and I do LOVE it.  Love it.  It gives me great energy and it has helped me kick the coffee habit (well, let's get real, today is my first day without any coffee but I have been weaning off all week and I've had no problem.  And I've been addicted to coffee for YEARS).  Another product I'll be taking throughout the 24 days is Omegaplex which is a high quality Omega 3 fatty acid supplement, and the Herbal Cleanse caplets will be taken during the first 10 days also.  I will give a break down of all the above products when I have a bit more time :)

My meal plan for the day will include:

Breakfast:  eggs, 1/2 Thomas Light English muffin, kiwi fruit
Snack:  Spark drink, plum and a few almonds
Lunch:  Tuna salad on whole wheat sandwich thin, veggies
Snack:  banana
Dinner: Turkey patty, sweet potato, chopped salad (yum!)

That's the plan anyway.  I was an idiot and didn't prepare last night (I know, I know!) so I will need ot spend a few minutes this morning preparing my meals for while I'm at work.  Not a good way to start off....I'll get into the swing of things.  I will!

And hopefully some time this afternoon/night or tomorrow I'll get my reviews up for the boxes I got in the mail while I was gone.  I got my very first Birchbox!  So exciting. And my first KlutchClub
also arrived.  I ordered Klutchclub a couple weeks ago when Plum District was having a special so I got it at a super good price.  I also got my first Goodies box and my Julep warehouse order arrived!  Yay!  Let me tell you, I LOVE getting packages in the mail!  And having 4 on Saturday when we got home thrilled me to death.

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