Sunday, July 7, 2013

Klutchclub Best Of Box Review

I got an email offer from Klutchclub for a FREE Best Of box. 
Of course I went for it.
I THOUGHT I was ordering the Best of Beauty box, which is the box I actually wanted.  Not sure how I ended up with this box.  At first I was disappointed but by the end of looking through everything, I'm quite pleased.
I did have to pay $8 for shipping, though.  It was totally worth it! 
First look.
There was no information card of any kind so I just started pulling stuff out.
The first thing I grabbed was the Crystal body deoderant towelettes.  These are 100% biodegradable and are individually wrapped so they will be perfect for camping!  There are six in this box.

Next was this cute little snack.  I'm not familiar with this brand, and I think it's called Z 52???  I'm not even sure and couldn't find it on Amazon for reference.  Anyway, it has 50 calories for the little chocolate raspberry bite and has 30 vitamins and minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, etc.  This would be a great little snack to throw into your gym bag! 
Next thing I pulled out was this Hangover Sucks packet.  True story, everyone knows they suck big time.  This pack has 6 lozenges (ginger, raspberry and lime) that are all-natural to help cure a hangover.  Hopefully I won't be needing these any time soon!

Ok, this next item was my favorite in the bag.  It's a $20 gift card to The Clymb.  They have awesome deals!  I'm planning on getting an awesome Sherpani bag I saw on their website for $19.98!  Originally $40

Next is a bag of  Eat your vegetables chips.  These are all natural and gluten and wheat free.  Can't wait to give them a try!

I could really use some speed.  So glad I got this Q Speed fast melt.  They are orange-flavored tablets that support heart health, enhances cellular energy production, supports exercise performance, etc.  I got two packs of 2 fast melt tablets.

Ok.  I've heard that aloe vera juice is really good for you.  I got this bottle of Alo Exposed aloe vera juice and pulp in my Klutchclub box and I'm a little bit afraid to try it. 

This next item is super fun and new to me.  It's Sheaterra african black soap in mango scent.  I had to open it and smell it and it is indeed black.  And smells awesome.  I can't wait to try it!

The last item in the box is valued at $30.  The coupon is good for 2 months free of Daily Burn online workouts and $10 store credit to spend on nutritional supplements.  I haven't checked out their site yet but you know I will be!  And I'll use my $10 credit too!!

This was seriously a great deal considering I only paid $8 for shipping.  I love the products and will be ordering that Sherpani bag (or a yoga tank?  I also saw a cute Dakine backpack) pronto!

Oops...guess my pics were in the wrong order...there's still one more item!  This CocoaVia product seems super cool.  It's  unsweetened dark chocolate flavored mix.  It helps support healthy circulation.  There's 250mg cocoa flavanols in each packet.  There's 30 calories per pack and 10 packs in the box. I looked these up on amazon and they are not cheap, so I'm happy to have gotten them in this box to try!  The package says to mix 1 packet into beverage such as cold or hot milk, coffee or you can put it in yogurt or oatmeal.  I think I'll try in my oatmeal tomorrow!

I really like this Klutchclub.  I like the fact that I have all these new products to try that I've never tried before!

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