Saturday, July 6, 2013

Julep Warehouse Sale Review

So a while back Juelp had a warehouse sale and had some awesome deals!  I kept thinking I wasn't going to buy anything.  But then I bought some things.
And really, I got some great deals.  By the time I accepted the fact that I was actually going to purchase some things, most of what I wanted was sold out.  That was probably a good thing.
I paid $19 for the following items.  I didn't pay any shipping.  I'm thinking that Julep doesn't charge shipping if you are a Maven?  I think you are a Maven if you subscribe to one of their subscription boxes?  I'm new to all this so I have a lot to learn!
And, once again, my pictures suck.  Sorry.
I got the rock candy collection.  I got Marie, Wendy, Carol, and Angelica.  I'm also new to this type of nail polish and it's real fun.  These are high shine polishes with a subtle color.  You can use them by themselves for a nice sheen color or on top of another color to make it pop. 
I paid $10 for the set of four.

This pomegranate body scrub smells awesome.  And the best part?  I paid $2 for it!

If you get the body scrub, it only make sense to get the body crème, right?  Especially if it's also only $2!!

So this next item looks a bit weird but I think it's really fun.  It's a cabochon ring.  Also new to me.  This is a make-it-your-own kind of a thing.  You make it however you want.  You add a picture or design on the ring base and then put the clear bubble thingy on top.  This is fun and will make a great gift for one of my girls!
Oh yeah, this was only $1.

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite thing in the world is lip balm and lip gloss.  So I ordered these two.  The one in the super fun black square tube is strawberry mint and smells delicious.  The other is vanilla mint and I'm sure it's fabulous.
These were each $2 also.
I'm beginning to be a real fan of Julep!  Especially when they have good sales!

Did you take advantage of the warehouse sale they had last month?  What did you get?

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