Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Clymb review

Remember when I told you I got a $20 gift card to The Clymb in my Klutchclub a while bag?  You can read the Klutchclub review here.

The best part of this entire review is that the klutchclub box that this gift card came in was free. Yes, folks, FREE. I only had to pay the $8 for shipping.

So anyway, I went to the Clymb's website not knowing what to expect.  Their site is awesome.  They sell sporty things on the cheap.  And I do mean cheap.  Like at least 50% off everything I was looking at.  So I plugged in my gift card number and shopped.  I couldn't decide what I wanted at first so I didn't do anything for a day or two.  When I logged back on, suddenly I had a $25 credit from my gift card, not $20!  I was like, Oh yeah!  Mama's gonna got an extra $5!  And I don't even know how or why.  Must be because the Clymb is super rad.

So I ordered myself some Sherpani items and a nice shoe pouch to put my Nike Plus sensor in.  Take a look at the pics.  All this was free for me, it came to exactly $25 for the three items.  I paid like $7 in shipping and it arrived in a few days.  Awesome deal!  I was very happy with the Clymb and will shopping there again for sure!

Awesome deals from the Clymb, right??

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