Friday, July 5, 2013

New Subscription Box e.l.f. Beauty Bundle and WHERE'S MY GLOSSYBOX??

Just a little fyi.....I heard the other day there's a brand new subscription box coming from e.l.f. (eyes,lips,face).  It's the e.l.f. cosmetic beauty bundle and it's running $19.99 a month.  There is a $6.95 shipping charge also.  I have purchased cosmetics from e.l.f. before and have been pretty happy with them.  They are very inexpensive.  I'm talking $1 and $3 lip gloss and such!  I think this would be a great subscription box for younger girls.  I'm thinking my 13 year old would really like to share this with me each month!  Might have to try.

Also, um, where on earth is my JUNE Glossybox???  It shipped on June 26th and it's still not here.  It looks like people started getting theirs around the time mine shipped.  So sad.

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