Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Iphone Dump Day

I can finally be part of Jen's Friday Iphone Dump linkup because I now have an iphone!

Disclaimer:  I've only had the phone for a few days so there's not many pictures on it yet. And the ones that are on it were primarily take by 9-year-old MJ!

Yes, she's had a lot of fun with CamWow.  We had many, many laughs over some of these pictures!

MJ again. I'm laughing all over again just looking at these!

I couldn't show you the most horrendous pictures she took of me, I just couldn't do it, but I can share this one because it made me laugh so much!  Aren't I perty?

Ok, I couldn't eave you with that image of me so here's me looking like a normal person :)

 Um, maybe I'll get my desk cleaned off today?

Gotta love Advocare 24-Day Challenge!

In case you don't have teenage girls, this is what they do when they take pictures of themselves. Every time.

Until their mom tells them not to so that she can get a good picture of her with her daughter.

We have Franklin, the 3rd grade classroom turtle at our house for a couple weeks.  He's a lot of fun.  Did you know turtles hiss?

 MJ's looking much older than 9 here.  I don't love that.  But I love the picture.

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