Thursday, July 11, 2013

Advocare Day 10

I have completed the first part of the Advocare 24-Day Challenge!  The ten day cleanse part is over.  The eating is the same (although not quite as strict?) with the exception of a meal replacement shake for breakfast that you mix with cold water and can add fruit if you want.  They have a nondairy shake also.

So, the big news...I lost 6 pounds during the cleanse!  I am thrilled with that number.  I am feeling much better already.  Definitely more energy all around and feel less like poo.  My two-a-day Spark is really helping with energy levels.  And I still don't miss coffee. Amazing!

So for the shake, I've chosen just regular chocolate.  The choices were chocolate, chocolate mocha, berry or vanilla.  Chocolate mocha sounds good too, so do the others.  I wish there was a variety pack.

Part of this next phase in the challenge is taking multiple supplements each day.  They come in these handy strips of little packets (4 a day) and the outline you get with the kit tells you exactly when to take what.  When ordering, you can choose which "pack" you want.  The choices were MNS Max E, core nutrition with energy, MNS Max 3, a comprehensive weight loss system, or MNS Max C, core nutrition with appetite control.  I chose Max C for the appetite control.  Anything to help me not feel as hungry as I get a migraine every.single.time. I get hungry.  No joke.  It's such an inconvenience while trying to eat less to lose weight!

Here's a picture showing the outline, the meal replacement shake that I'm just about to make, and my supplements for the day.

Next 14 days of the Challenge......BRING IT!

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