Thursday, July 4, 2013

Advocare 24-Day Challenge Day 4

Another successful (aka non-cheating) day for me on the Advocare 24-Day Challenge!  I still am very surprised that I haven't had any flu-like symptoms as the toxins leave my body.  I have been a "clean eater" in the past and whenever I started to eat clean, I would feel sick-ish for a few days.  I'm counting my blessings this time that I've been feeling overall great!

My only problem with this Challenge is that I really don't care for meat.  We are supposed to have protein at each meal.  Breakfast is easy as I do like eggs.  I can usually do meat at dinner if my husband grills a turkey burger or chicken breast (although I can only eat about half at most).  But seriously, I HATE leftover chicken.  Why?  I don't know.  It doesn't taste the same to me the next day.  I've tried leftover chicken cold in my salad, still hate it.  Lunchtime is my struggle with protein. In the past I've had nonfat cottage cheese or greek yogurt as protein but I'm staying away from dairy right  now.  I've also always been a bean-eater, but I think for the challenge beans are considered a carb not a protein.  Any thoughts on this?  How crucial is the protein from meat source at meals?  Wish I liked hunks of tofu. I don't.

I have still not weighed myself but I am feeling a tad bit "lighter".  Not much, but I'll take it!

I've been having two Sparks per day.  One right when I wake up and one around 1:30 or 2:00 at work.  So far this has seemed to be a good system for keeping my energy going.  And I'm still surprised that I don't even really miss coffee yet.  Could be because it's soooo hot here that something cold to drink sounds SO much better than something hot! 

I really need to add exercise into my daily routine!  I will get right to that.

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