Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Fourth!!!  I'm linking up with Jen this morning for Thursday Thoughts!

I have big news....I ordered my very first iphone yesterday!  I know, I KNOW! Where have I been, right?  I'm always behind the times on everything, and usually I don't even care.  I don't keep up with celebreties, I don't have a clue as to what the latest fashions are, I don't usually read magazines like People (although I always enjoy them when I do!) and we just got internet a couple months ago after not having it for three years.  Seriously.  So, an iphone is HUGE for me and I am excited!!!  If you have any cool apps that I should know about, PLEASE tell me!  I'm new, people, brand new!

I'm glad it's the 4th and all, and I appreciate living in our beautiful, awesome country, but I hate the 4th in my town...and at my work. Living in a resort town, things get wild here on the 4th.  There's a gazillion people in our small 2-stop-light town and the grocery stores are a total mad house.  My work is a zoo with customers and I'm not able to get my already-backed-up office manager/bookeeper work done as I have to work at the front counter helping customers.  And it's flipping HOT!  And not much air conditioning here in this town.  So, a bit miserable to be honest.  I know I'll enjoy things more tonight as I sit with my kids and watch the fireworks over the lake. Always a beautiful sight!

I'm hoping to get some vacation pictures posted soon.  I'm wishing we were still on vacation! 

I wish I knew what the unspoken blogging rules are.  I mean, if I copy someone's idea (who probably copied someone else) is it rude?  Is it flattering?  I read so many blogs, and love so many blogs, and sometimes I see a post and think, "how fun! I would love to do a post like that" and then I get nervous to do it because I don't want to be a copycat (what am I in 3rd grade?).  So please tell me if you have an opinion on such a thing.

I didn't (and still don't) know what google reader is.  Does that matter? Do I need to know what is now gone?  And I don't know what replaced it.  Do I need to know that?

So, my blogs is still pretty new.  I have a personal blog where I post a lot of pictures of my family and stuff, but I wanted a new, different, blog for other things such as reviews, crafts, recipes, Advocare, etc. and not bore my grandparents and the like to death who just want to see pictures of my fam (ok, let's be honest, they only want to see pics of the kdis).  I, for some unknown reason, named my blog Nazys News.  Nazy was a silly nickname that people called me when I was little.  It was sometimes just Nazy, or Nae Nae, or Nazy Poo or Lazy Nazy.  It is not fitting for me now at this point in my life, not that it was ever really fitting.  And I have no idea why I reverted back to my toddler years and named my blog Nazy's News.  My real name is Linae and couldn't come up with a clever blog name that had my real name in it.  I've got to change the blog name.  Any suggestions?

Gee, this whole post makes me sound a bit "off" in every way.  Maybe I am :)

Happy 4th!  Enjoy and be safe!


  1. I still have an old school flip phone from 2009... I never get a new phone until I lose or break it, and this one has just lasted me. I envy your bravery in getting an iphone.

    1. So glad I'm not the only one! The phone I have now is my mom's old phone...she had it for two years and I've had it for two years. I am excited to try the iphone, though, but will require help from my teenagers!!

      Thanks for the comment!!!!!