Monday, July 1, 2013

June Birchbox Review

Why haven't I ever ordered a Birchbox before?  Seriously.  This is some awesome stuff.  And it's only $10 a month!  Totally worth it.  I was really looking forward to my July Birchbox's arrival and I was super excited to see it in my mailbox.
For some reason, the box seemed super small to me. It fit inside my post office box with lots of room to spare.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't sad about the size of the box, just a bit surprised for some reason. And it's actually really cute and I'll totally be reusing it. 
I'm not sure what my problem is but I have been taking terrible pictures lately. 
First look inside the box.  Excitement.

First look under the pink tissue paper.

My eyes immediately went to the oh-so-cute mint green box to the right in the picture.  I HAD to open it first.  Inside was an awesome Wanderlust nail polish in Mod in Manhattan color.  It's a fleshy white color.  I love it.  And you can find the whole set here.  Only $8 for four awesome colors.  I may just have to buy that!
Also in the cute box was a Twistband nautical hair tie.  LOVE.  I've been seeing these around lately and have been wanting to try one!

Next is a sample of Juicy Couture La La perfume.  I have a bottle of Viva la Juicy and I love it.  This isn't my favorite but I will definitely use up the sample.  I love perfume and can't seem to get enough so this is a welcomed addiction to the collection!

So this Amika obliphica (huh?) nourishing mask seems awesome and it promises to deeply condition and repair hair.  My hair needs help so I'll be using this immediately.

I seem to be getting a lot of eye liners in boxes lately.  So, I've started to wear eye liner. And I like it.  I used to be scared of it, but turns out it's really fun to play around with.  I use just a tiny bit, though.  I wasn't' super surprised to see this Eyeko skinny liquid eyeliner in my box.  I am glad this one is a liquid as I have yet to try a liquid liner.  Tomorrow morning I'll be rocking this on my eyes at work.

It's HOT here in Idaho right now.  And I do mean hot.  Too hot.  I hate it.  We play at the lake almost daily here, so this Coola classic face SPF 30 cucumber moisturizer will be put into my bag pronto.  And I'm really intrigued about the cucumber-ness of it.  Can't wait to try!

I also got this fun set of postcards.  The front says Destination Inspiration and there are five postcards attached in an accordion style.  How darling are these things?  I have relatives all over the place and I haven't sent a postcard in ages so this will be fun.  I will probably give one to the girls to send to a friend also.

Here's another (bad) picture of the loot.

It's my understanding that Bichbox has lots (30?) of different boxes so it's fun to see what everyone got.  Did you get a birchbox?  What was in it?  What was your favorite item?? 

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