Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Letters

This is my first Friday's Letters link up with The Sweet Seasons blog! 

Dear Friday, It's so nice to see you again!  I've missed you.  Thank you for being pay day.

Dear Scale, I love you.  Usually I hate you, but since you told me I lost 6 pounds during 10 day cleanse portion of the 24-Day Challenge I started to rethink the way I feel about you.  For now.  I'm sure I'll hate you again soon, but for now you are alright.

Dear Weather, Thank you for the rain last night.  It was much appreciated by me.  I was really getting sick of the heat.

Dear Franklin, You are a real cute turtle.  Thank you for making MJ happy.  It's been real nice babysitting you for the past week.  I'm sorry your cage is so small. Next time we put you in the bath tub to walk around, you should actually walk around instead of trying to climb up the side and slipping back down AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Dear D, Thanks for helping out so much around the house while I'm at work. I do appreciate it. A lot.

Dear Car Door,  Why do you not want to stay unlocked?  Do you think it's fun watching us climb through the passenger seat just to get in and out??  I've never heard of a car door being stuck locked.  Please fix yourself.

Dear Lola, The only reason you got canned cat food today is because we are out of dry food and we happened to have a can of cat food that someone gave us.  That stuff stinks and it's disgusting and you'll never have it again. So I hope you enjoyed it.

Dear MJ, I loved your "show" last night to White and Nerdy.  You are the most awesome 9-year-old on the planet!

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