Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ThredUp Review

So a few weeks ago, I sent some stuff to ThredUP.  In case you aren't familiar with ThredUP, they are an online consignment store.   They sent me big plastic shipping bags for free, I filled them up and sent them back to them.  I didn't have to pay a dime for postage.  They process the bags (which took a long time) and then give me payout amount.  I can either take the cash via paypal (available in 14 days after processed) or I can use it as store credit at ThredUP.

Only one of my bags has been processed.  The other bag is showing as "processing payout" so it should be any day now.

I sent them two bags.  And let me first start by saying that one bag was mostly young girls' clothes (sizes 6-12) and the other was primarily women's clothing.  I was going to be taking this stuff to the thrift store here in my town, and I did not put anything in the bags that I would be devastated to see a small profit for.  However, everything I did send to ThredUP was in good shape and would have been accepted by my local consignment store which I take things to often and they have a very good payout.

So, the first bag....they processed the bag with the girls' clothes.  They took only 12 items. I'm not sure how many things were in there, but the bags are big and it was stuffed full.  For the 12 items I am getting a payout of $7.70.  The brands included Old Navy, Lands End, Nike, Gymboree, etc.  I really wish I would have taken a picture of everything I sent in.

At our local consignment, I would have gotten at least $25 for these items, plus they would have taken all of the items in the bag.  However, I don't have to wait until the things sell on ThredUP before I can get the cash, I just have to wait 14 days.

I'm eager to see what I get for the other bag that's full of women's clothing. I'll be sure to let you know once I get word.

Overall, I'm disappointed with the payout from ThredUP, big time.  It was easy to send them stuff and since I was just going to take it to the thrift store anyway, I can't really complain.


  1. $7.70??? THat is crazy! I still haven't gotten my payout from them yet and I can't wait to see what it is. Have you checked out Moxie Jean? They are MUCH quicker. But I know they don't take women's clothes and that thredUP bag of yours has me super interested because I want to get rid of some stuff.

  2. And I want to know what happened with the women's bag!