Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Life After I Dew for this So What Wednesday...

So what...

-That I painted my nails a bright green with a top coat of big sparkles....It looks ridiculous on a 36-year-old at work trying to be professional....but it sure made my daughter happy when I agreed to paint my nails the exact same as hers.

-That I fed my kids smoothies for dinner last night.  I want to use up all our food before our vacation and refuse to go to the grocery store until then.  Ally told me she was "on the brink of hunger all day".  Really? Do I need to force you to watch that video of starving African children AGAIN?  (and I have done it, seriously). 

-That I let MJ skip her softball game last night because I didn't want to drive an hour to get there when I have so many other things I want need to do.

-That I have the world's biggest stack of papers to go through at on my desk at work and won't have time to get to it all before I leave on Friday.

-That ALL my pants were tight on me this think it's cool if I wear yoga pants to work with a nice blouse??

-That I finally broke down to MJ's pleas and gave Lola, the cat, a bath last night just to make her happy.  "Her" being MJ, clearly not the cat.  I wore rubber gloves so that I would have a minimal amount of scratches!  It was quite the scene, let me tell you!

I guess that's it for my So Whats.  Time to get crackalackin on the stack of papers.  Ugh...NOT FUN.

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  1. I am cracking up about the cat! I can just imagine your bright green, sparkly nail polish under the rubber gloves. Haha!