Monday, June 3, 2013

Glossybox May 2013

OMGoodnes!  My Glossybox finally arrived today!  I have been waiting FOREVER.  I love, love, love the box.  But the super slow shipping was making me very, very sad.  I just don't have the patience to wait when I know there's something super fun coming in the mail for me.

So here's my very first glossybox review!

Outside packaging.  Doesn't look thrilling.  Thrilled me....

So here's the inside box.  I love the inside box.  It's so pretty and pale pink and can definitely be used for a gift box in the future.  The box comes with a cute little beauty magazine.

First look inside the box.  Please just look at how cute the inside of the box lid is.  I love cute things.

Ok, here we have the card that shows what all is in the box. This month's theme is A Year of Beauty to celebrate glossybox.  Happy birthday.
There's also a coupon for a free trial size spray gel with the purchase of a larger one from Sebastian.
And there's a little business-card-sized card for a free wax at European Wax Center.  This would normally be a knock-your-socks-off offer for me due to the fact that I have extremely large eyebrows.  Very thick, caterpillar-ish.  Here's the sad part, I live in the mountains far away from regular civilization (seriously, two hours away from the nearest Target, mall, Safeway, etc.) and clearly don't have one of their fancy shmancy waxing centers here. 

Just look at it all.  Fun.

So here we have some nice samples.  The one on the left is from etre belle (say what?) and it's a collagen and aloe vera hydro mask.  This promises to reconstruct and moisturize and provide skin with an extreme moisture boost that improves elasticity and promotes hydration.  I can use all of that for sure!
The little red packets are body lotion and exfoliating something or other from the European Wax Center.  These will not go to waste!

Next up is an eye liner pencil from Xtreme Lashes.  This is the color black pearl and it seems to have a really nice purple-ish tint to it.  It glides on SUPER smooth, just as it says in the description.  It's a gel liner that sets quickly and lasts all day.  I do not usually use eye liner but I will definitely be giving this a try!

Now we have a cute tiny sample of Epionce intense defense anti-aging + repair serum.  This is a complete multivitamin for your skin.  It helps stimulate skin rejunivation to reverse and prevent the visible signs of aging using the powerful botanical sources of Vitamins A,B,C,D, and E.  I can't wait to give this a try.  I'm starting to look old.  Sad face.
The little cute black thing on the right is an eye / lip liner sharpener. That's rad because I have never owned one and have thrown out liners when they need to be sharpened.  Shame on me.

Alrighty. Moving right along.  Next is a cute little trial size of Sebastian volupt spray.  This is a volume-building spray gel with the cushion particle technology (yep, I know what that means) that best combines full volume and sensual softness.  I'm pretty excited about this. I have some natural curl and I do like to scrunch it sometimes.  I also have thick hair and lots of volume, so this will be fun to add even more craziness to my hair!

And this is definitely my most favorite thing in the box!  It's a solid perfume stick by Nicka K New York.  It's scent is called Dream 42 as far as I can tell.  It has a nice citrusy smell.  Something I wouldn't have chosen for myself, but once I put it on I loved it!  I will be putting this in my purse immediately.  It is packaged in a beautiful boutique packaging.

All in all, my first glossybox was a true success!  Totally made my day.
Do you subscribe to glossybox?  If so, what did you think of this month's box?  What was your favorite item?  And what different items did you get compared to my box?

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