Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Birchbox, Total Beauty, Klutchclub, Julep,ThredUp, Little Black Bag, Advocare, Etc.

I have a lot going on.  So many things to talk about. So little time to blog about them.  So here are some things on my mind today in little snippets.  I feel ADHD.

Yesterday I got my Advocare Distributor kit!  YAHOO!  I've been waiting for a few days and could not wait for it to arrive.  It came with some super fun samples and I LOVE the Spark drink and the little bottles of Slam are awesome too!  Great flavors and they give a TON of great energy.  I feel happy.

I also ordered a canister of Watermelon Spark and the 24-Day Challenge that I'll be starting on July 1st.  I really can't wait to start feeling more healthy and just all-around better!  I feel yucky.

I signed up for Klutchclub through a coupon deal on Plum District.  I was super excited when I saw the "three months of Klutchclub membership for only $7!" and bought it instantly.  I then went to the Klutchclub website and had to pay $24 shipping for the three months.  Hmmm.  So I ended up paying $31 for the three month subscription, which comes out to $10.33 per box.  Still not a bad deal, but I did think I was going to get it at an absolute steal.  I felt a little violated.

Yesterday I was feeling really good about staying strong and not buying anything on the Julep online warehouse sale, even though there were REALLY good deals.  I looked at the site a few times but stayed strong. Until I turned weak, and bought some things.  I spent $19 and got quite a bit.  I'll be sure to show them off when I get them.  I felt a little weak.

My first Birchbox is in Utah...on it's way to me in Idaho from the East Coast.  Hopefully tomorrow?  I feel impatient.

Yesterday I sent out two STUFFED ThredUp bags!  I was going to drop them off at the post office but decided to run them into the UPS store (the paid sticker on the bag said either usps or ups would be fine).  The man at the UPS store politely thanked me and said they got $1 per bag since I brought them there.  I felt kind.

Today I will try not to eat two cookies like I did yesterday at the bank when I go do my deposit for work.  I hate when I have every intentio of NOT eating the cookies but do anyway.  And they have licorice too.  What bank HAS to have cookies and licorice every.single.day.  I just walked by and took two yesterday.  I felt like a fatty.

I sent some item to return to Little Black Bag last week and am waiting for my exchange credit to show up.  It's super fun with exchanges as there's an "exchange gallery" and I will ge to choose  anything I want to replace the three items I sent  in.  I keep obsessively checking my inbox to see if I have gotten a notification of the exchange on my account.  I fee like a stalker.

Last week I read about Total Beauty mystery box for $18.  It has 13 products valued at over $100.  I also bought that.  I have not received a shipping notification but I hope it's on it's way.  I do love a good surprise!  I feel like I am spending too much money on boxes.

Clearly, I have a subscription box obsession.  And it's going to not be good here shortly.  So I need to pull in the reigns for a little while and NOT.SPEND.ANY.MORE.MONEY online.

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  1. Ohh, I can't wait to see what happens with your thredUP. I haven't filled my bag yet. I will soon though! I consider just getting the stuff out of my house a win ;).

    I totally stayed strong during the Julep sale. I don't even know how I did it. I had my cart filled a few times but got distracted doing other things so that was good!

    That's not fair that the bank has cookies. Not fair at all.

    And I can't wait to see how you do on your challenge!! I am dying to start mine!