Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Lip Factory Review

I was so very excited when I heard about Lip Factory subscription box!  Amongst my most favorite things in the whole world, lip gloss / lip balm is definitely one of them!  I have seen reviews of past boxes and some were loaded with lip gloss!  This month there was a mix of makeup items...which is great, although I was hoping for a box full of gloss!
The cost for this box is $21 per month (or was it $22?).  Anyway, I think it's a great deal for all that I got!
Fun little information card

 This Be fine exfoliating cleanser with brown sugar looks amazing!  I can't wait to try it out!  And you should seriously check out their website.  It's great fun.

And this Essence volumizing eye lash powder is cray cray.  I tried it once but need to "practice" a few times.  From what I can tell you are supposed to put on mascara, and then this before the mascara dries.  When I did that, there was the little powder all over my eye lashes and you could see it on there, so I did another layer of mascara.  By the time I was done, my eyelashes were definitely full but that could be because I kept putting on more mascara to cover the powder.  Hmm.  I'll give it another go sometime soon.  Hopefully I'm cool enough to figure out this type of product.

This 29 Lipstick looks so fun in the tube.  Not fun on my lips.  MJ saw it and immediately wanted it.  I might just give it to her one day for dress up.  For now, I just like it in my makeup stash.  Not sure why.

This Manic Panic High Voltage lipgloss is awesome.  It's a great color for me, not too bright.  It's really soft and easy to wear.  For some strange reason the lid lights up when I open it.  That's fun.  And there's a nice mirror on the side for application on the go!

This Colour U mineral eye shadow is a very pretty turquoise color.  I haven't tried it yet but one day, or night, when Big D and I go out for a hot date I might just feel sassy enough to give it a go.

Ok.  This is the best part of the box for me.  I truly needed, and I do mean needed mascara.  I saw that this was in the box from other reviews so I held off buying some until my box came.  This is a really good size mascara and I really like it.  It's also from Manic Panic

I really, really, really like this Londontown Lakur nail polish.  I can't wait to try it.  Perhaps it would have been a better choice than the green sparkly stuff I put on last night....

Not sure what my problem is but my pictures really suck for this review.  I love the products and hope the pictures don't ruin the whole experience for you viewers.  I would say it is definitely worth the $21 for this package!!!

Did you order a Lip Factory box??  Did you get the same things?  What was your favorite?  Do tell!

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