Sunday, June 16, 2013

June Ipsy Bag Review

Whew!  My Ipsy bag FINALLY arrived!  Sheesh!  I was waiting for what seemed like forever.  I kept tracking it and it was supposed to be here a few days ago and it finally showed up yesterday.

I was happy with this bag for the most part.  You can't really beat the price.  It's just $10 a month and so far I've received full size products.  And it's fun to get things that I wouldn't normally buy for myself.  It's fun to try different things :)

I took terrible pictures.  And I didn't crop anything.  But oh well, you'll get the point.

So, first up is a super fun highlighter pencil.  It's from Chella and it's officially called the Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil.  I will be able to brighten up under my eyes with this baby.  I've never had a highlighting pencil before so it will be something new for me to try.

Also in the picture is a Starlooks lip pencil.  The shade is a nice light color so I might not be too afraid to try this.  I'm not really into lip pencils, but maybe it's because I've never really tried one?  This will be a first also.  I love "firsts"!

This sparkly cream palette looks really fun!  It's a J. Cat pallete, and well, call me new, but I've never heard of J. Cat.  I might save this for one of the girl's stockings at Christmas.  It looks so very fun but I don't really see wearing it anywhere.  And it says to not wear it on your eyes. Which is the only place I can even think TO wear it.  Hmmmm.

Next up is a really nice Nyx blush.  The color is perfect for me as I do not like pink blushes.  This is more of a brown-ish color.  I don't usually wear a lot of blush but I'm going to give this a try for sure!

The next thing is a Cailyn gel eye liner.  This looks so fun.  I like how it all fits together with the brush in the handle and all.  I'll be using this for sure.

Here's a picture of the bag.  I really like the animal print!  I am getting a nice collection of makeup bags. 

All in all, the Ipsy bag is great.  I really like the bright pink bubble wrap outer packaging it comes in!  I love opening my mailbox and seeing it in there!

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