Monday, June 3, 2013

Fabric hoarding

I love to quilt.  It is so relaxing and therapeutic for me.  I don't usually have time to quilt, but in my dreams I do.  I have a really large collection of fabric.  I have been stashing away some of my favorite low volume (light colored) prints.  I have seen some gorgeous low volume quilts that make my heart sing (yes, I am aware I'm a super big dork).  One day I will make one.  In the meantime, I like to just admire this nice stack of cotton fabric.  Seriously, it makes me happy.

Can't you just picture a gorgeous quilt made from these fabrics?

Some of my favorites.  I've got chevron, mustaches, polka dots, little birds, etc.

So cute. 

One day I will have a finished quilt to show you all.
Do you quilt?  I would love to see some of yours!  Or just some of your fabric :)

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