Monday, May 6, 2013

Sun. Glorious Sun!

Yesterday was SUNday.  Ha ha!  It was a very sunny Sunday.

The girls and I went to the middle school track to walk.  I walked two miles.  Woot woot!  Actually, I jogged the first lap.   Don't know why, just wanted to see if I could.  And, yes, I could. But it was hard. Really hard!  The track is nice because it's easy to measure the distance, and will be easy to measure the progress too, as I start to get in better shape and have more endurance.

I got a few "before" photos of myself.  Sure can't wait til I have my "after" photos to go with them!!!!

And I can look at the pics and be sad about how round my face is, or about how frumpy I have become, but the truth is, I was on my way to exercise.  I did exercise.  I did what it took yesterday to make my fitness / body dreams come true.  That's really all I can do.   One day at a time, right?
I like to drink water. I drink a lot of water at work every day.  But to make this more fun, I got a rad water bottle that holds 24 ounces of water.  My goal is to fill that sucker up three times at work.  I'll be 72 ounces down by the time I get home if I do that.  And, I like a yummy cold other-than-water drink in the afternoons.  I love me some diet coke, but the aspartame gives me a migraine.  So I'm going to try these Starbuck's energy drinks, just mix with water.  Full of green tea energy or something.  I'll give a full review soon!
My goal for today is to walk again.  At least one hour.  In the sunshine.  With friends or by myself. Doesn't matter. 

My other goal for myself today is to EAT. RIGHT.  ALL. DAY.

I'm off to work.  Where I WILL be productive.  I WILL be important. I WILL be helpful.  I will NOT waste company time on the computer.  I will NOT spend time wishing it was 4:00 so I could leave.

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