Friday, May 3, 2013

A Quilt for Cari

I made my fabulous sister a quilt!  It's not a big quilt....let's say, more of a lap quilt.  I fell in love the the Joel Dewberry Aviary fabric.  I bought a layer cake (for you non-quilters, that's a pre-cut set of 10" squares fabric set) from a gal on Etsy and this is what I made.

I had some sewing machine issues.  Major ones.  I usually take the easy way and tie patchwork quilts, and I love the way they looked tied.  Well, after obsessing at other quilter's blogs and looking at their beautiful creations, quilted to all get out all over the place, I decided to try.  I just quilted on either side of all the seams between the squares with brown thread.  My machine was acting like a witch and wouldn't work right.  There were problems that I can't even explain.  Let's just say that there was an ENTIRE line sewn all the way down the quilt that was all screwed up.  I don't even know how to explain what it looked like but I had to take my seam ripper and rip the entire thing out.  It took about an hour.  And I ripped a hole in the back of the quilt doing it.  I threw a fit.  I hated the quilt.  I hated my machine.  I hated quilting.  I hated everything.

So, here's the quilt I'm sending Cari.  It's a homely little thing, but she loves homemade so she will even appreciate the flaws!

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